The Armor of God

Welcome to the Battle

Hello, Friends. Thank you for joining me on “Launch Day”!

I am pleased to present the introductory episode of the “Raising God’s Army” podcast. My mission is to train Christian soldiers how to wear and maintain the armor of God so they can be strong and effective on the spiritual battlefield.

While this podcast has only been a couple months in the making, God has been preparing me for this work my whole life (almost 50 years). I grew up in the Church. Mom made sure my siblings and I were involved in all of the activities. We went to Sunday School followed by the main service. We went back on Sunday nights, and even did the Wednesday night bible studies and youth group. For me, church wasn’t just something I did on Sundays, it was part of who I was. At times, I carried my Bible in school with me and even started a short Bible study/prayer meeting with a few friends in the school library before classes started for the day. I was on fire for God.

Through my teen years and into college I learned that being on fire for God did not mean that I was impervious to temptation. I found many worldly things competing for my attention…and I was not strong enough to resist. I knew that I was called to do great things in Christ, but that became secondary to enjoying the fruits of the world. I didn’t leave God entirely, but the fire had grown cold.

In January 1994 God let me know that it was time for this prodigal to return. I could feel it in my heart – the quiet words of the Holy Spirit saying, “Come home.” I knew that this was a pivotal moment. I was going to choose God or choose the world, but either way, the choice would be permanent because that’s how I roll. With many tears and a repentant heart, I chose God.

Having restored relationship with God, I looked back on my time in the world asking, “How did I get there?” How did a fire that burned so brightly for God turn into a cold and dying ember? It troubled me. I asked the Lord and he answered, “You weren’t wearing your armor.” I could hear it in my heart as plainly as if he had spoken the words directly, and it made perfect sense. You see, I was a soldier in the United States Army at the time, and I understood full well the risks of not wearing your battle gear correctly. I remembered how the Apostle Paul had described the Armor of God in Ephesians, Chapter 6, and the light bulb turned on.

I had my “A-ha” moment that day. I learned about the Armor of God as a kid in youth group. I knew you had to wear your armor and what the pieces were called, but that was the extent of if. Now, with God’s statement to me, I realized that I had no idea how to actually wear and maintain this armor. In fact, I didn’t even know what the armor was beyond the names that Paul ascribed to them in his letter to the Ephesians. That’s when I determined to study the Armor of God.

Searching the scriptures on the Armor of God, I asked the Lord to teach me the following things:
– What is each piece of armor in reality?
– How does each piece function?
– How to I actually put the armor on and maintain it?
My small barracks room in South Korea became my sanctuary – just me, the Holy Spirit, and my cinnamon tea. The teachings in my podcast, “Raising God’s Army” are the result of that precious time spent with God.

Over the years I have found that my story is all too common among believers – raised in the church, sometimes on fire for God and sometimes very cold. I believe the reason is the same for most everyone. We just don’t really do well in training believers in the reality of spiritual warfare, and how truly be a Christian soldier. I want to change that.

Today, I am launching my podcast “Raising God’s Army” with the first episode in my Armor of God series. Today’s episode is called “Welcome to the Battle”. I describe the reality of spiritual warfare and how the things we see playing out in the world today are shadows of what is happening in the spirit. Here is a quick outline of what is covered:

  • What does the battlefield look like?
  • – God’s Army
    • The concept and structure of God’s Army.
    • Every believer is a soldier in God’s Army.
    • How to be an effective soldier – do not get distracted.
  • The Battle
    • The Enemy
      • Principalities, powers, and rulers of darkness
      • The flesh (worldly desires)
      • The deception of the day
        • False prophets
        • Truth tailored
    • God has equipped us to win
      • Weapons of righteousness
      • Armor of God (also called the armor of light or armor of righteousness)

Along with being attached to this BLOG, “Raising God’s Army” is (or will be soon) available through the podcast platforms listed below. More will be added soon.


“The Lord bless you and keep you.”
– Griff

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