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Time for Battle

Hello saints! Apologies for the delayed release, but there is so much going on right now that I wanted to make sure I captured as much information as I could before sending this out.

It’s getting hot in D.C. My prayers go out to all of those converging on the capital to support our republic, our president, and our constitution. As I’ve said many times before, this truly is a battle of good and evil for the soul of the nation, but take heart my friends. Righteousness WILL prevail. I stand in faith with millions of Christians around the nation and the world as we pray and believe that President Trump WILL be the president for the next four years. Jesus said we have only to ask, in faith, and we will receive. If Jesus said it, if our Bible says it, then it is so.

The battle we see in the politics of the day is only a shadow of the spiritual battle in the heavens. I’ve noted before that the book of Daniel (chapters 10 and 12) confirms that there are spiritual battles at the national level. The scriptures reveal that the Arch Angel Michael, “one of the chief princes”, is the Prince, or principality, over Israel. We also see that there was a Prince over Persia (clearly and evil principality since Michael was warring against him.) So, the battle is real and it is raging over America. I do not know the name of the heavenly prince over America, but I know there is one and he is leading God’s people by the power of God to victory over this wicked and perverse generation.

America IS a Christian nation. It was founded by believers with a constitution that is based on Christian principles, and while we’ve allowed wickedness to creep in, it will not prevail. America is a beacon of light and freedom to the world and will continue to do so. We will continue to be the shining city on a hill, shining with the light of the glory of God and His righteousness. Hold on saints, because this week God is revealing his righteousness to the world through the United States of America. Stay strong in faith and pray as Daniel prayed because it’s going down!

God bless you, my friends!

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