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Listen and Believe!

“He that hears, let him hear…” These are the words used by Ezekiel when delivering the Word of the Lord to Israel and I say to you now, listen to the prophets that have been called by God and believe that the words they deliver are true. Do not let evil plant the seeds of doubt in your hearts. Listen to God, trust God, and believe that this day where the wicked celebrate their evil deeds will come to a very quick end.

Since January 20th, I have heard many believers trying to justify what they are seeing. It appears that wickedness has prevailed and that we are headed for dark times. The have said,
– “Maybe we didn’t actually hear God.”
– “America is being judged for turning its back on God.”
– “America was trusting in the plans of men instead of trusting in God.”
– “The whole hope of God rooting out the wickedness in Government was a distraction to keep Conservatives from taking action.”

All of these things are lies from the pit of Hell. The fact is that this is a time of spiritual warfare on a global scale. The tenth chapter in the book of Daniel gives a picture of what this looks like. Daniel was fasting and praying for three weeks. When the Angel of the Lord approached Daniel after three weeks of prayer, he explains that his prayer had been heard when he first prayed it. However, because of a battle with the Prince of Persia (an evil angel), he was delayed until Michael (archangel and a chief prince) came to relieve him. You see, even battles in the heavenlies can take time. Spiritual warfare is real and sometimes it takes time to see the answer to prayer.

This week I am highlighting the Word of the Lord as it has been spoken by three different prophets. Each of these confirm the things I have been sharing for weeks regarding President Trump’s anointing and the deliverance of America in a Red Sea level event that is coming very soon. The scriptures say that two or more witnesses establish a thing. Let this be established: Righteousness will prevail. Trump will be President for the next four years. Wickedness will be revealed and judged.

The following prophetic words are included in this week’s podcast, and the links to them as posted on are below. Listen and believe.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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