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Sword Training – Days 16 and 17

Welcome back to the Sword Training Challenge. I missed my post yesterday, but I did not miss the readings! Yesterday’s readings were Psalm 76-80 and Proverbs 16. Today’s readings are Psalm 81-85 and Proverbs 17.

So, yesterday had a great chapter in Psalm 78. It starts out talking about how Israel passed their faith in God from generation to generation. The were faithful to teach their children of all of the wonders that God had shown them and done for them. This is the same that we should be doing today. As parents, if you are a parent or hope to be one someday, it is our God-given duty to teach our children to follow the Lord. Living in the world is hard, and no one is going to teach your children about God for you. You must do it before they take off on their own.

I wrote before about the “goodly heritage” that we give our children when we teach them to follow the Lord. I was raised to love God. I may not have understand the deep doctrines of Christianity, but I knew that Jesus died for my sins and I’d receive eternal life through faith in him. The rest I’ve learned in the decades since, but I would not have done so without the firm foundation I received as a child.

As we go further into Psalm 78, it turns much more negative because later generations of Israel did not follow God very well. They were the generation that was delivered out of captivity in Egypt. They saw more miraculous things from God that anyone before or probably since, yet they continually tried the Lord’s patience. At one point they even turned to idols and attributed God’s works to them. In the reading, God is saying that he bent over backward to help them out in spite of their faithlessness, but ultimately he could bear it no longer and they paid the price. Only two men from the generation that left Egypt were allowed to enter the promised land – Joshua and Caleb.

All in all I thought it was a good read, that gives a perfect contrast between how we should be as parents, and how we shouldn’t be. If we are faithful to follow the Lord, and teach our children how to have a relationship with him, then we will have pleased the Lord.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, my friends!

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