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Sword Training – Day 20

Welcome, welcome! It’s day 20 of the Sword Training Challenge. If you are just joining us, the Sword Training Challenge is a 40-day commitment to reading the bible. The challenge is inspired by the 40 days that Jesus spent teaching the disciples after his resurrection, and the 40 days that God spent with Moses on the mountain after delivering Israel from Egypt.

During these 40 days, we are reading through the books of Proverbs and Psalm – one chapter of Proverbs and 5 chapters of Psalm each day. That will take us to day 31, then we’ll finish out the remaining 9 days with some other scriptures. At this point we are 2/3 of the way through Psalm and Proverbs, and 1/2 of the way through the challenge.

The Bible talks about how Christians have the Armor of God to wear. See Ephesians 6:12-18. Part of the armor is the Sword of the Spirit, which Paul said, “is the Word of God”. With that in mind, the purpose of the challenge is to put the Word of God in your heart by reading it every day, thereby strengthening your ability to use your Sword of the Spirit effectively. There is power in speaking the Word of God. Hebrews tells us that it is quicker than any two-edged sword. When we know how to wield the sword, we can live more victorious lives in Christ.

I remember going to Bible School as a kid. It was usually a full week in the summertime where the church hosted daily activities and bible teaching for the kids. One of the activities was called “Sword Drills”. It was fantastic. Sword drills were an exercise to teach kids how to quickly find verses in the bible. It was a competition. We would start by holding our swords (the Bible) above our heads, then the teacher would call out a bible verse reference like John 3:16. We quoted the reference back, and when the teacher said “go”, then we’d bring our bibles into our laps and begin searching for the scripture. As soon as you found it, you’d jump up and start reading it. First one up won the prize. Good times.

So, my friends, keep reading the word! Today’s scriptures are Psalm 96-100 and Proverbs 20.

May the Lord bless you and keep you!

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