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The Battle for Truth – Part 3

Hello and welcome to Raising God’s Army, where we’re training Christian soldiers for spiritual battle. Saints, as I say every time, the battle continues, and it is raging. It’s spiritual warfare on a global scale, and no one will go untouched. Today I’m talking about the ever-present Battle for Truth, and saints the report is good. If you’re paying attention to the news…not the mainstream media, but alternative sites like and Telegram…then you’re seeing that Truth is winning, and I’ll talk more about that as we go along. First, I want to play a clip of Steve Schultz’s interview with Pastor Hank Kunneman on

The full interview is on the Elijah Streams’ YouTube channel. Here is the link: . I highly recommend that you listen to the whole interview. It is fantastic, and I think you’ll be glad you did. I’ve posted links to Hank Kunneman’s prophetic words before. I have listened to what he has said and tested it against the scriptures. As such, I firmly believe that he is, as a prophet, hearing the true word of the Lord. Now with that, people have come against him saying, “Why hasn’t this happened?”, or “Why hasn’t that happened?”. The fact is, God moves according to His timing, not yours or mine. Mr. Kunneman has faithfully delivered the Word of the Lord. It is up to God to fulfill it, in His timing. Here is the clip I want to focus on today:

“So, the Lord began to prophesy about this unmasking, and it happened actually on March 23. So, it would have been Pentecost Sunday God began to speak about these – this unmasking. And it’s interesting when he spoke about this unmasking on March 23. I want to read this prophecy. This is very interesting. He says, ‘Men have thought that what is, shall be the new normal. But I’m here to say to you, says the Spirit of God, that there is an unmasking that will begin to take place, and this that I speak of is yes, the masks that they have put upon your mouth. Therefore, there shall be an unmasking, or removal of the mask. In other words, no more of these [displaying a face mask]. Watch this now because I’m going to remove the mask. There shall be a shifting and lifting all over the states of this nation. Why would there be an unmasking? Because I’m going to do something very significant. I’m going to unmask the truth regarding what they have spoken of, even a virus. I’m going to show and unmask who has been involved, and their hands and their money that they have laundered. I’m going to reveal the plot and the plan, that it was to steal, even your election. I’m going to show and unmask who has been involved, and their hands and the money that they have laundered. I’m going to now reveal the plot and plans, even I’m going to expose it in a great way and unmask the plan that has created fear that would seek to destroy your nation. And God says, as it happens in the natural, it will happen in the spirit. For there have been too many lies, too much deception, and I will remove it. And God says when this happens in the natural, it will bring back a return to the way things were, but not just as they were. It will be better because of the unmasking, and a great return that will begin to arise.” – Hank Kunneman

Did you catch all of that, saints? We are in the season of fulfilment. There are a number of things Hank said I want to point out.

First of all, where the Lord spoke about “the plan that has created fear that would seek to destroy your nation.” Remember what I said, the wicked seek to control using fear, shame, deceit, and division. Here the Lord confirms that statement.

Secondly, the Lord said, “For there have been too many lies, too much deception, and I will remove it. And God says when this happens in the natural, it will bring back a return to the way things were, but not just as they were. It will be better because of the unmasking, and a great return that will begin to arise.” I continue to say, I don’t know how it’s going to happen or when, but I believe that we will see President Trump back in the Oval Office by the end of this year. I don’t know what the Lord has planned, but I have faith, and I trust Him and His word. His word is saying that what we see right now is not the “new normal”, and he will return righteousness to the presidency in the United States. It may look like the wicked have prevailed, but remember Hebrews 11:1 which says, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things unseen.” I walk by faith in God’s promises, not by what I see in the natural.

Lastly, God talks about a great unmasking. He explains that truth will be revealed. The truth regarding the vaccines and the truth regarding the 2020 elections. The truth of all of it is going to come out, and my goodness, have you seen the news in the past two weeks?! Well, not the mainstream media, but your alternative sources of news like or Telegram. These sites, as well as several blog sites and podcasts, are exposing information that has been deliberately omitted from public conversation. Hold tight, cause I’m going to share some of it with you today. Some you may have heard already, and some may be new to you. Nevertheless, my friends, we are duty-bound to speak this truth so others may hear.

Let’s talk about this great unmasking. Listen closely as I detail the new information about vaccines and politics. Then after that, I will wrap it up with more scripture and an exhortation to train with your sword every day.

Again, I ask, have you seen the information being exposed recently? If you haven’t, I’m going to go down a list of these things that have become public knowledge in the last two weeks, or so.  Let’s talk about the “vaccines” first. Wow is the truth coming out about that those. Holy cow. First of all, we see a lot of side effects coming up in the news, like inflammation of the heart. I don’t recall the medical term for it but it’s where the inflammation of the heart is happening. Seven teenagers have already died, maybe even more by now I don’t know. It was seven last week. We’ve learned that the CDC’s VAERS website has almost 6000 “vaccine” related deaths recorded as of June 4, 2021. Not to mention the non-lethal, but very serious adverse effects to the tune of 323K as of the same date. VAERS stands for “vaccine adverse effects reporting system”, and it is the website where medical professions list any adverse vaccine effects that they notice. Almost 6,000 people are recorded as having died from the vaccine. You can read the story at, called, “Massive Jump in Covid Vaccine Deaths Around the World”.

Of course, these numbers don’t include high percentage of people that are still getting the Coronavirus, coming up positive after receiving the injection. There’s a reason for that, and I’ll mention it here in a few minutes as we turn to another podcast of scientists talking about some data from Pfizer’s early trials in Japan.

So yeah, these are the truths that are coming out. The CDC and the governments around the world have suppressed this information, but they can’t suppress it forever. As the number of people that know grows larger, the ability to suppress it goes away. It is a battle for truth, my friends, and as we speak the truth to others, the power grows. If you’ve already received the vaccine, I’m sorry, and I don’t know where to go from there. There is an article called, “If You Got the Vaccine and Regret It, You Need to Do This!”. It can be found on If you haven’t received the vaccine, then for your sake do not, or at least listen to these podcasts and blogs that I am linking to before you do. I refuse. They say I’ve got vaccine hesitancy like it’s a condition. Whoa, he’s got hesitancy. I’m saying, if it’s a condition, then I’ve got vaccine refusal. As more and more information is coming to light, I find myself more even more resistant.

With that said, there’s another story here from the Dark Horse Podcast. It’s titled, “Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Sounds the Alarm of Lipid Nanoparticles from Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines Accumulating in Vital Organs”. I know, that’s a helluva title. 😊 Evolutionary Biologist Bret Weinstein (Ph.D) and Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA vaccines) join the host to discuss the data from Pfizer’s vaccine trials in Japan. This is data that has been in the purview of the CDC, FDA, and all of the other regulators, but it has been kept from the public until now, thanks to the Freedom of Information Act request by a guy named Dr. Byram Bridle. These gentlemen have the data and discuss some very concerning points in this podcast.

In their trials, Pfizer tracked the vaccine to see how it spread through the body after injection. They wanted to see what parts of the body the vaccine traveled to, and in what concentration. (Side note: For some reason, the doctors in the podcast seemed to think the vaccine would stay in the deltoid part of your arm where they inject it. I think that’s odd. I’m no doctor, but I have never in my life, thought that a vaccine would just stay near the injection site. Anyway.) Nevertheless, the chart shown in the podcast details the first 48-hours after receiving the injection.  They found that the vaccine spreads pretty much through the whole body, but it tends to concentrate in the ovaries and the bone marrow. The considerations here, as these gentlemen talk through the issues, are the unknown impacts of having the vaccine, which directs the cells to produce a dangerous spike protein, accumulated in the ovaries at such high concentrations. The CDC states that this vaccine is safe for pregnant women, but the data suggests that it may not be safe for any women. Furthermore, there is concern that, with such concentration in the bone marrow, that we may see future cases of leukemia resulting from the vaccine. Bret Weinstein also mentions a study that show high concentration in lymph nodes, which could eventually cause lymphoma. We don’t know, because we haven’t tested long enough to know, but these are some really serious adverse effects that could happen in three months after the vaccine or could happen six to nine years after a vaccine. Again, this information has been kept from the public since last year. Why?

Marty Logan knows why. His mother died the day after getting the vaccine. Marty made a video to explain what happened to his mother. The day after she got her first Moderna shot, she died. The day of the shot, Marty had dinner with her, and she was doing great. The next day, he got the call that she passed.  The doctors decided they were going to put COVID-19 on the death certificate. (Side note: she just got the shot, and they were going to say that Covid killed her? Not a great testimonial to the efficacy of the shot. Just sayin’.) Anyway, the doctors were going to put Covid on the death certificate. Marty refused that, so they recorded it as a cardiac failure. However, Marty paid to have a full autopsy done on his mother, and the findings said that there was no evidence of cardiac failure. She died of a “massive and rapid liver failure.”

Let’s go back to what these gentlemen were saying about where vaccine goes after the injection. They said look, it goes to the major organs, and it just kind of collects there. And then as it’s in these major organs, it’s telling every cell in these major organs produce those spike proteins. You know, the thing that’s not a natural thing. It tells the cell to produce those spike proteins, so there’s a danger there. The science shows that Marty’s mom died of a “massive and rapid liver failure”…THE DAY AFTER THE SHOT! I would say it just fell folds right in with these gentlemen that were talking about what the studies from Japan showed.

This is a lot to take in, but there’s more. I mean, the truth keeps rolling out. And God said it was going to roll out. God said He was unmasking then, and that’s what we see in the news. The lies of the wicked are being exposed.

 How about Dr. Fauci. How about those emails. Now, Dr. Fauci, “debunked” the whole idea of this having started in the Wuhan lab, but now we see Fauci’s emails. It now seems quite likely that it started in the WuHan lab, but he’s been working hand in hand with the Chinese to suppress that kind of information. What else do the Fauci emails show? Well, there’s the email that says, hey, we’re looking at this virus and it doesn’t look like it was natural virus. It looks like it was probably manufactured. One of the things his peers pointed to is that it did not seem to have followed the normal path of evolution. They said, we’re not saying it was as manufactured, but it sure has those indicators. So here we have all of these theories that were “debunked”. Now they’re coming out as true or most likely true. I heard somebody say, the difference between a conspiracy theory, and the truth in these days is about six months. Saints, everything that’s been said by President Trump, or the Republican Party or even people like Noah from and Telegram, everything that’s been quoted as a conspiracy theory and where the mainstream media says it’s been “debunked” is being proven to be true.

So, I guess “debunked” now means, “Well we just don’t want to hear it.” Just recently the MSM admitted that they didn’t follow the Wuhan story because they heard if from a Republican. They put themselves in the role of the deciding what true and what’s not, but that’s not how it works. There is only one truth, and it is being revealed more every day.

So, here’s another thing again the Fauci emails, the gain of function research. He funded and supported this gain of function research which is where they’re basically research the virus to see how they can make it more lethal, and by golly, they did it. It a “plandemic”. Then there is the video proof that they do have live bats in the Wu Han lab, because one of the guys was saying oh, no, no, no, we don’t have a live bats in the lab. Well now there’s video proof. What did God say, the unmasking the truth is coming out.

Lastly for the vaccines, let’s not forget about magnetofection. Yes, there’s a new word that I just learned this week. That is the fact that these COVID vaccines have been created with a very specific set of chemicals that create magnetic fields. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of people sticking things to their arm where something is magnetic. Their arms, or wherever that injection site, are magnetic. Apparently, this is caused by magnetofection. It is a technology that causes the vaccine to be very aggressive in how it gets the vaccine to the cells. The creators of this technology clearly state that is should never be used in humans…Well…So this magnetofection technology is used in what’s called the lipid nanoparticles in the vaccines. These lipid nanoparticles are the things that trick your body into accepting the vaccine. They’re the vehicle if you will. These particles have been made in such a way that they use magnetic fields, which is why you see people with things magnetically sticking to their arms. The doctor describes it as a very aggressive way to introduce the vaccine to the body. The problem with this aggressive delivery system, is that it puts the vaccine in places where it has no business going…like ovaries and bone marrow. So this is again one of the reasons why we see going back to the interview where the guys were talking about how it’s been seen to go straight to the ovaries into the bone marrow and such. This has been designed this way. So what are the impacts what are the effects going forward. Well, we just don’t know but we’re going to find out in time.

Let’s see what other truths are coming out. How about that hydroxychloroquine. Last year, when we were only about 150K deaths into the plandemic, a number of doctors came forward to sing the praises of hydroxychloroquine, and President Trump was using the drug, as prescribed by his doctor, as a preventative measure. Fauci, the Democrats, and the media went wild! The doctors were silenced by social media. The MSM (who are not doctors) told the whole country that HCQ was dangerous, and the FDA put major restrictions on it’s use…even though it has successfully treated ailments for 40-years. Fast forward to the Biden presidency, and suddenly we have studies that show HCQ to be very beneficial in saving lives. Lies and politics, my friends. Again, the truth is coming out. As far as I’m concerned, Fauci and everyone fighting against the use of HCQ are responsible for about 400K COVID deaths – people that could have been saved by HCQ, but were denied it for simple politics.

Everything that President Trump said last year, and was raked over the coals for, everything that was “debunked” is turning out to be true. How about the election, we’ve got this Arizona audit, and it’s spreading to other states because they’re finding again and again and again through these audits that something wasn’t right. Now it’s spread to Georgia, and we have a hundred thousand ballots that suddenly have chain of custody records. Likewise, the truth is coming out Antrim County, MI. They’ve learned that an anonymous person was able to log into the system and make changes.

God is unmasking all of the lies, saints! The people that say, “Nothing to see here”. They lie. There’s a lot to see there, and they think that just by telling you there’s nothing to see here, that it’ll make it go away. Those days are gone saints, those days are gone. Remember, truth brings freedom. Jesus said that you will know the truth and that truth will make you free. And it is making us free today saints!

And I’m sure you’re seeing the lotteries. Wow. The lotteries you’re entered into by showing proof of vaccination, then you’ll be in this lottery for a million dollars. Don’t forget the free doughnuts, if you get your vaccine, or all these other freebies. You’ve got colleges that are actually offering scholarship funds to people who get their vaccine. Folks, if it was really that safe and that good, why are they buying people off?

Unfortunately, the lottery and the free doughnuts aren’t working as well as they thought they would. So now it’s time for the shame and the hardship to make you wish you had gotten it. Remember when Obama said that he would drive the coal business out of work by making it too hard to continue? It’s the same tactic that the leftists are planning to use to force people to get vaccines.

Let me tell you some of those things that are happening out there in the world right now. You may have heard where there is one school where students that are not “vaccinated”, were actually given numbers that were written on their arms. Wow, is this a flashback to the Nazi camps or what?! It’s unreal!

How about West Point, where the cadets who have chosen not to get the vaccine are basically, as the story says, put in solitary confinement for refusing the COVID vaccine. Now when you read the story, it’s not really that they’re thrown in “the hole”, but what they are doing is taking away the second week of their two-week vacation, so they can be quarantined in their quarters for a week before resuming classes. Ridiculous, and unconstitutional.

Fortunately, that’s going to be harder and harder for them to do as more of these truths about the dangers of these COVID shots continues to be revealed. So, we’ll see saints, we’ll see. It’s a season of fulfillment said the Lord, and the masks are being taken off, that all of the lies that were told about the vaccine about the election are being exposed.

Enough of vaccines and politics. Saints I gotta tell you, there’s another battle for truth that that concerns me today as well. And that is the truth of scriptures. What I’m finding is, as I get more and more into reading different people’s posts on Telegram or visiting blog or podcast sites, I am seeing a lot of “spiritual” people. I’m not talking about Christians. I’m talking about people that are “open to all religions” – they call themselves spiritual. These are people that are mixing our Christian faith and the Bible, with all manner of pagan religions. It worries me saints. It worries me, because we’ve got to be careful. We’ve got to know the scriptures. If you don’t know the Scripture, then you won’t know how to rightly divide truth from lies. 2 Timothy 4:3-4 says, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they keep to themselves teachers, having itching ears, and they shall turn away their ears from the truth and be turned into fables.”

I hate to say it, but I’m seeing a lot of that in the conservative sector these days. What we have is when you look in the politics, and you see the group that we call conservatives. There are a lot of Christian people that are conservative, and rightly so because the values of the conservative movement match up with a lot of the values taught in God’s word. With that being said, there’s also a whole lot of these self-identified “spiritual” people. Saints, you’ve got to be careful what you listen to when they’re talking about scripture, when they’re talking about what God’s going to do or what God is saying. Just because someone is quoting scripture doesn’t mean they’re speaking truth. Remember, the Devil quoted scripture when tempting Jesus on the mountain. He quoted scripture, but he twisted it, and Jesus knew it. Saints if you don’t know the scriptures, then you won’t know when what’s being said is wrong.

One particular example is this guy I came across on Telegram. His name is David Vose, and he presents his video’s saying, “Christians MUST SEE THIS!”, like he has some major revelation, when in fact, he is spreading half-truths and misquoted scriptures to mix Christianity with all manner of pagan religions. I listened for 30-seconds, and I knew what was going on. How did I know? Because I know the Bible VERY well. I have been honing my Sword of the Spirit for decades. My concern is for those Christians that don’t know the Bible very well, or those believers that don’t spend time with God. If you do not spend time in the Word of God, you will not know how to use the Sword of the Spirit to rightly divide truth from lies. Saint’s, it is absolutely critical. It’s a battle for truth, but you can’t win if you don’t know what truth is. Jesus is the Truth, and he will set you free, but you have got to spend time with Him.

Hey, that’s my word for the day Saints, I appreciate you tuning in, and hope you have a great week. If you haven’t subscribed, please do, and share with your friends because the truth must be told. We have got to get the truth of all of this out and pray. Keep praying that the Lord will do what he’s going to do. Again, I don’t know what or when, but he’s going to do something, so let’s keep praying for that. May the Lord bless you and keep you, my friends. We’ll see you next time.

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